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For more informations, to ask for a quote and/or to discuss and talk about a design, fill in the form below,call us  or send an email, we will contact you back as soon as possible


To supply the services we offer our firm needs all the marked datas to be filled in the form. All other informations are purelly documentary datas and it’s a customer choice to fill them in the form. Anyhow, Paolo De Rosa, in compliance with the law 196/2003, is committed to guard his customers’ personal datas till the explicit request for their cancellation and to not give them to third party none of the informations collected.
Design Studio Oikos
via Dell’Orso, 7/A
20121 Milano
via Panama, 74
00198 Roma

via A. Stellato, 133
81054 San Prisco (Caserta)
cel. 348.3325569 – 334.1518961 email:
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